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The Brazilian Journal of Maize and Sorghum is a continuous-flow journal of Brazilian Association of Maize and Sorghum (ABMS), with the objective to publish original papers of all areas related to the crops of maize, sorghum, and allied species which are important to the development of agriculture sciences and the agribusiness of the productive chains of these mentioned crops. The articles submitted must be original, being prohibited its simultaneous presentation in another journal.

Concepts and affirmations included in all articles are of complete responsibility of the authors.


New policy implemented from January 2020

The journal's policy as of 2020 is to publish all articles in English only, edited and published online as soon as it is approved; therefore, without expecting to complete the total number of jobs predicted for the volume, without dividing by number.

The cost of correction and/or translation of the manuscript is the responsibility of the authors. The Brazilian Journal of Maize and Sorghum will provide a sworn company to translate/review the articles.

The Editorial Committee will give authors the freedom to use the services of another company as long as it is sworn in; in this case, authors must send proof of company certification.

Therefore, every article submitted to the journal will receive the normal review process by qualified Ad-hocs and as soon as it is technically approved, it will be translated / reviewed into English, edited and published online.

Associação Brasileira de Milho e Sorgo